2016 – 2017 PCSC Sailing Results

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Club Championships

Div 1 Monohull Yachts Club Championships Results

Div 1A Multihull Yachts Club Championships Results

Div 4 Dinghies Club Championships Results

Div 5 Junior Club Championships Results

Head Harbour 2

Div 1 Monohull Yachts Head of Harbour 2 Results

Div 1A Multihull Yachts Head of Harbour 2  Results

Div 4 Dinghies Head Harbour 2 Results

Austin Family Fairway Buoy

Div 1 Yachts Fairway Results

Handicap Series

Div 1 Yachts Handicap Series Results

Div 4 Dinghies Handicap Series Results

Div 5 Junior Handicap Series

Head of Harbour

Div 1 Monohull & Multihull Head of the Harbour Results

Div 4 Dinghies Head of the Harbour Results

Div 5 Junior dinghies Results

Sprint Series

Div 1 Yachts Sprint Series Results

Div 4 Dinghies Series Results

Barker Fairway

Div 1 Yachts Fairway

Tripod 1

Div 1 Yachts Tripod Series

Sprint Series 2

Div 1 Monohull Yachts Sprint Series 2

Div 1A Multihull Yachts Sprint Series 2

Div 4 Dinghies Sprint Series 2

Donald Davey Memorial

Div 4 Dinghies Donald Davey Memorial Award